Heat Absorbing ETFE Film


NOWOFLON® ET 6235 Z-IR is the newest member of the NOWOFLON product family and is on its way to becoming the most famous one!

NOWOFLON ET 6235 Z-IR film is the first of its kind worldwide.

It demonstrates tremendous technical characteristics: The infra-red rays which are responsible for heating up the covered area are actually absorbed by the film, buildings stay cool longer. There are many positive outcomes to this. Geographical areas never before considered as candidates for the use of ETFE enclosures can now be viable customers, creating both economic and ecological advantages. Transparency and mechanical characteristics remain exceptional.


etfe film
  1. Excellent mechanical strength, particularlytear strength and tensile strength.
  2. Excellent weather resistance. 
  3. Reduced G-value, while simultaneously high light transmission.
  4. The film is self-cleaning due to its anti-adhesive properties.
  5. Xenontest per DIN ISO 4892-2.
  6. The film can be printed in different designs.
  7. Fire resistant per DIN EN 13-501-1.

Thank you for your interest in NOWOFLON ET 6235 Z-IR referenced projects. This film, the only one of its kind worldwide, has only been available for a short time and will be used in several projects currently in the planning stages. Pictures and information will be added to our portfolio as soon as construction is complete.