ETFE Membrane in Living Colour


NOWOFLON® ET 6235 Z-C is a coloured fluoropolymer film, which provides an outstanding combination of properties and scope for colour design that makes it an ideal material for use in creative ETFE membrane construction.

NOWOFLON® ET 6235 Z-C films are available in almost any colour and transmission grade. Whether used as an accent colour or as a dazzling building shell, tinted NOWOFLON ET 6235 Z-C has all of the same great characteristics of standard NOWOFLON ET 6235 Z film. The NOWOFOL specialists, working with the architect, develop the perfect shades based on the physical characteristics of the colour pigments.


  1. Excellent mechanical strength, particularly tear strength and tensile strength.
  2. Excellent weatherability.
  3. High transparency of visible light and UV-light.
  4. Self-cleaning effect due to low surface tension.
  5. Possibility of colouring in different RAL colour grades, Xenontest DIN ISO 4892-2
  6. Colourfast.
  7. No pretreatment necessary for welding.
  8. Flame resistant.