Advanced ETFE Roof Architecture


NOWOFLON® ET 6235 Z is a fluoropolymer film, which provides an outstanding combination of properties that makes it an ideal material in membrane construction. Light and UV-permeability, flame resistance, and the self-cleaning effect are the most important properties which this material offers. All products in this series are certified in accordance with DIN EN 13 501-1 und are classified as flame resistant/self-extinguishing.
While the film is extremely light weight, it can handle large weight loads making it an all-around high performance item. The durability and longevity of this product offer an economic advantage. In addition, an ETFE roof is almost completely recyclable, making it an important part of sustainable building practices.


  1. Excellent mechanical strength, particularly tear strength and tensile strength.
  2. Excellent weather resistance.
  3. High transparency of both visible and UV light. 
  4. The film is self-cleaning due to its anti-adhesive properties.  
  5. The film can be coloured or tinted in differentshades to meet each customers’ specifications.
  6. Film can be printed in different designs.
  7. Flame resistant and self-extinguishing.