Shopping Mall Le Fe – We believe…

... in design and innovation. The Shopping Mall La Fe in Monterrey Mexico combines these features at its best.

The shopping and office building with a light and open design is the new hot spot in Monterrey Mexico since they opened its doors in April 2016.

Our customer Dünn Light Weight Architecture was responsible for the stunning roof construction with NOWOFLON ETFE Film and our latest development: The infra-red absorbing NOWOFLON ET 6235 Z-IR film.

The infra-red rays which are responsible for heating up the covered area are actually absorbed by the film, buildings stay cool longer. There are many positive outcomes to this. Geographical areas never before considered as candidates for the use of ETFE enclosures can now be viable customers, creating both economic and ecological advantages. Transparency and mechanical characteristics remain exceptional.

They covered almost 5000 square meters with cushions out of 10000 square meter NOWOFLON ETFE film.

ETFE Film Shopping Mall Roof
by Nowofol

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