Perfect example for thinking future with NOWOFLON ETFE for Architecture

The future of Photovoltaik

Aesthetics from a new angle! A striking membrane façade was erected at a Merck KGaA
technology building in Darmstadt Germany. This convinces not only with design, but also
with functionality.

Looking more closely at this façade, one might think that energy production was in the
foreground. But the project partner, Taiyo Europe and OPVIUS, wanted to shed light on the
superficial architecture with this eye-catching façade. The different forms of the organic solar
cell (OPV) modules have been integrated into the NOWOFLON ETFE film in an artistic and
modern way. So the aesthetics is in the foreground, but at the same time the advantage of
the organic photovoltaic can be used for environmentally friendly energy production.

The entire façade covers an area of approx. 300 m². Distributed on the NOWOFLON ETFE
film, there are 1578 integrated OPV modules, which thus form an effective OPV area. The
individual OPV modules are integrated in the color-printed, semitransparent NOWOFLON
ETFE film and thus create a harmonious and perfectly shaped façade. The necessary
stability and steadfastness is ensured by a steel construction with a newly developed
aluminum frame profile and special comb plates.

To sum up, this is a fascinating project with an innovative step towards the future. Because
finally comes together with ETFE film and OPV, what belongs together.

Functional and creativ planed by architect HENN Berlin, Germany.


by Nowofol